The gospel music industry in Nigeria is increasingly growing rapidly, with more and more talented artiste entering into the scene. This talent has, thus, been able to give them a wealth and popularity all over the world. Nevertheless, this article is focused on the top ten richest gospel artistes in Nigeria, and not the most popular, hence, you might not find some of the most renowned names and talents in this list you are expected to see.

Below is the list of the top ten richest Nigerian Gospel artistes. It is ranked accordingly, from the first on the list to the tenth.

Top Ten Richest Gospel Artistes in Nigeria & Net Worth

Richest Gospel Artistes

  1. Sammie Okposo

              Net Worth: $750,000

Sammie Okposo is a renowned gospel artiste with a number of awards to his name. He is not only a singer, but also a producer, psalmist, entertainment consultant and the CEO of Zamar Entertainment. He was born in Delta State, and begin his music profession in 1995.

His wealth resonates from live gospel show performances, album sales, and music production. He is equally United Nations Youth Ambassador for World Peace who has starred prominently in sold out concerts all over the world. Little surprise he’s the number one on this current list of the top ten richest gospel artistes in Nigeria.

  1. Frank Ugochukwu Edward

              Net Worth: $600,000

The next on the list is Frank Ugochukwu Edwards. He is a Nigerian gospel singer, songwriter and recording artist from Enugu State. He is the founder and owner of the record label Rocktown Records, which is one of the most successful in the industry.

Frank Edwards got his wealth from live performances in gospel shows, endorsement deals, and album sales. His first album ‘The Definition’ in 2008 brought him to limelight, and served as a main source of revenue for him.

He is an active member of Christ embassy church founded by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s whom took it upon himself to promote the artists songs and album amongst his congregation. He also has a collaboration an internationally renowned gospel singer, Don Moen, which also helped to boost his sales.

  1. Nathaniel Bassey

              Net Worth: $500,000

The third on the list is Nathaniel Bassey. The 43-year-old singer is renowned for his spirit-filled songs which are so passionate that they enter deep into the heart of many Christians.

One of his singles, “Olowogbogboro” was the talk of the town when he released the track back in 2017, he has other beautiful songs that are ever fresh and seasoned like Imela, Onise Iyanu, and many others.

Nathaniel Bassey is known for the #HallelujahChallenge which he runs from 12:00 am to 1:00 am with other worshipers across the world. Nathaniel Bassey earns his money from live performances in gospel shows, album sales, endorsement deals and music production.

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  1. Sinach

              Net Worth: $400,000

Osinachi Kalu Okoro Egbu aka Sinach is an award winning singer, over the years has been consistent in her musical career. A feat that made her become the first singer-songwriter to top the Billboard Christian Songwriter chart for consecutive 12 weeks.

Like Frank Edwards, the 47-year-old singer is a member of Christ Embassy, and is married to Joseph Egbu.

The senior worship leader at Loveworld has beautiful songs like “Waymaker” which tops the Billboard, including “The Name of Jesus” and many other amazing and spirit-filled singles. Her wealth comes from her talents including, song writing, singing, producing and concerts.

  1. Samsong

              Net Worth: $400,000

Samsung was norminated as the best Gospel artist by the Nigerian Entertainment Awards in New York in 2000 and the year 2008.

The talented musician has lots of albums to his credit including, Bianule, Church Boy Reloaded, My Sound of Worship, By the Holyghost, On Top of the World, The World of My Dream in his record.

Samsong earns his pay from songwriting, singing, and producing.

  1. Eben

              Net Worth: $370,000

Emmanuel Benjamin aka Eben, who is the 5th in this list is a very talented singer, in fact amongst the most talented in Nigearia and even Africa. His ‘IMARAMA’ track brought him to limelight in 1997, plus many other inspiring songs.

His earning doesn’t only come from live performances, concerts, and other gospel shows, but also through his album sales. His has a great fan base too.

  1. Olayinka Joel Ayafele

              Net Worth: $350,000

Ayefele is a popular talented singer of the 90’s, who, despite the accident that confined him to a wheel chair, continued to wow the gospel music industry with his talent.

He is in this list of the top ten richest gospel artistes as a result of numerous live-band performances, singing, and founder of radio stations in Ibadan, Ekiti and Ogun states. He is also a journalist which contributes to his wealth.

  1. Tope Alabi

              Net Worth: $300,000

Tope Alabi is arguably the most famous Yoruba language gospel artiste in Nigeria, who is not just a gospel singer with adorable voice, but also a movie music composer, and actress in a host of Yoruba movies.

This genius Gospel artiste earns her money from Yoruba movie soundtrack production, gospel concerts and shows, album sales and endorsement deals. A few of her most prominent and bestselling songs include, “E Gbe Ga”, “Mino L’Oluwa”, “Angeli Mi”, and “Olorun Gbangba”.

  1. Lara George

              Net Worth: $250,000

Lara George is another prominent gospel singer on this list. She has a very enviable melodious voice. There was a time in her career when she did not only stick to music but also engages in a largely profitable business.

She was most popularly renowned for her evergreen single, “Ijoba Orun”, a sound that was widely accepted by music lovers, and earned her numerous awards like the Trailblazer of the year award in 2013, the best female musician AGMA in 2012, 2010 Nigeria’s Gospel artist of the year and so on.

Her earnings undoubtedly comes from live performances, few endorsements, not to mention, other side businesses as earlier mentioned.

  1. Prince Gozie & Njideka Okeke

              Net Worth: $200,000

The final artiste on our top ten list of richest Gospel artistes are the couple, Prince and Princess Gozie & Njideka Okeke, who are rated the best Igbo gospel musicians in Nigeria. They storm the music world with their single debut, ‘Akanchawa’, which serves as a source of inspiration to people.

They make their fortune through famous performances and albums sold both in Nigeria and abroad, not to mention, different live concerts all over the world. Prince Gozie also has a music production company popularly called, ‘GOZMOK’, which adds to his accolades and wealth.

Those are the list of the top richest gospel artistes. Meanwhile, it is subject to change, due to the fact that the list just presented is based on recent rankings, and the rate at which the industry is fast growing, we might experience changes at any time.

Therefore, we urge you to stick with us, as we do our best to update you on the changes, as well as other important updates.

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